"A Dalek," the Doctor remarked, "Like- well, not like you."


"He’s a quote unquote ‘good’ Dalek, if such a thing exists," he stated. "Fighting on the side of righteousness,” the Doctor mocked. “Instead of exterminating any living thing, he wishes to destroy his own kind. Ironic, I know. It’ll just end with his own demise, through suicide or other means. Tragic, really…”

"You made friends with a Dalek?"

"Probably best for me not to meet him then. He sounds like the type to exterminate first and ask questions later. Wouldn’t want him to mistake me for a murderous salt shaker," Still, the thought of a ‘good’ Dalek was interesting. She supposed there really was hope for anyone, "How’d he turn out ‘good’?"

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"I never thought I’d feel… whatever this is, while talking to a Dalek," the Doctor remarked.


"I feel all… warm," he announced. "I’ve got a lump in my throat, look," he stated, pointing at his neck. "But, I suppose, you’re not a Dalek. You’re so much more than that, Oswin. You should meet my friend, Rusty. Random, I know, but I’m sure the pair of you would get on like a house on fire…"

"Don’t think of me as a Dalek. I know that I look like one, but really, I’m still a human."

She let out a small laugh at his words, but that probably didn’t sound so great when it was mixed in with the automated Dalek voice, “Rusty? Who would that be?”

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"i will always have nightmares of that day.
no matter how much time has passed, i will always remember.
the nightmares will never allow me to forget.
i will never allow myself to forget."

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"I-I forgot," the Doctor muttered, staring at the ground. "I broke my promise."


"Oswin," he remarked. "You are Oswin. Dead… but somehow alive. I took your advice," he stated with a light smile.

"I ran."

"That’s okay. I didn’t expect you to remember. Not really. I hoped, but… it’s been so long."

"You got it in one. Oswin Oswald, at your service. And before you ask, I have no idea how I’m alive. I just am.” She wanted to reach forwards and touch him. She wanted to do something to offer him some comfort, but she’d long since lost that privilege, “I saw you. You ran so far and so fast, my clever boy. You ran and you saved people along the way. That’s all I ever wanted.”

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The Doctor stood, glaring - awestruck at the Dalek’s statement.


"I- you," he stuttered. "Shut up. You- you’re human. Not human; but human-like. Emotions. You’ve got emotions! This is- this is familiar. I’ve heard this all before,” he muttered.

"Do I… know you?" he questioned. "Have we met?"

"And he finally sees past the veil. I wonder… would the last you have taken so long to see me?" She couldn’t help but feel a spark of hope at his words. The fact that he’d seen her for who she truly was was simply amazing. She hadn’t thought that it would be possible for anyone to see her as anything other than a Dalek without her telling them otherwise, "Does soufflé girl ring any bells?”

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"We- we’re not the same," the Doctor remarked doubtfully, shaking his head. "We are not the same!"


"For a start, you’re a weird tentacle-y thing in a wheelie bin. An intergalactic, war-mongering wheelie bin!” he exclaimed. “I- I am a genius! I am the cleverest person in the whole universe! You- you are nothing! An insignificant speck of dust on the top shelf of the universe! I am a symbol. A legend woven throughout time, crossing over all worlds! I am the Doctor! I am almighty!”

"We are. You don’t want to admit it, but we are. We are exactly the same."

"Doctor…? I doubt that’s true. You don’t act like the Doctor. The Doctor is good. The Doctor helps those he comes across. The Doctor doesn’t say things like I am almighty. Perhaps you’re right. Perhaps we’re not the same,” Oswin finally relented, “Honestly, I don’t think I’d want to be like you. You have too much hatred in you.”

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"No, no, no!" the Doctor shouted, "Shut up, shut up! That is my line. Mine!”


I want to go home!” he exclaimed, “Me! Me - not you! A luxury that your kind ripped from under my feet! I can’t find my home! Where is it? I don’t know! Et cetera, et cetera, et cetera. It goes on, and on.

"You have no right to a home." 

"No," Oswin felt something start to rise in her— not anger. Or at least, she desperately hoped that it wasn’t anger, "We’re the same."

"My home is lost. It’s lost in time, and even if it wasn’t, I could never return. I would not be accepted there. My family… my friends… they thought I was dead long ago, and now so does the rest of my world. Even if I was to return, it wouldn’t be my home anymore. We’re both lost with no home to return to. Doesn’t that make us the same?"

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"Oh, I know all about that. I just don’t understand why you’re certain you’re human while you definitely do look like a Dalek…How’s that even possible?"

"Ever heard of a brain transplant? It’s not like that, but that’s the closest thing to it that I imagine you’d understand."

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[ or perhaps it was none of the above ]
   ”I prefer to be a lover, rather than a fighter.”
         [ inappropriate? perhaps.  but always better than admitting
                   that she had no idea what a Dalek was ]

"You seem quite naive. You’re lucky that I’m not a Dalek. If I was you’d be dead by now. Take my word for it, when you see a Dalek it’s better to shoot first and ask questions later.”

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